High Yield Morning Update

High yield volume continues to be light as many market participants attend the final day of the annual J.P. Morgan high yield conference in Florida, while other factors such as the lack of a calendar, Bernanke testimony, and sequestration are also affecting secondary flows. ETF inflows have picked up the last couple days as market sentiment has improved, which combined with March coupon payments  hitting Friday creating cash that needs to be put to work, point to a continued strong technical backdrop for the high yield market. No deals priced yesterday for the first time in a long time. This morning, two drive-by deals have been announced, which along with one deal marketed yesterday should price this afternoon. Momentum from yesterday is spilling in to early trading this morning with equities higher, HY 19 Credit Index up 1/8 of a point, and high yield cash bonds well bid out of the gate.

The HY 19 Index (Markit CDX North America High Yield Index) is composed of 100 non-investment grade entities, with all entities domiciled in North America.  This index rolls every six months, in March and September.
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