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High Yield Market: Upcoming Maturities

One thing we look at as a high yield bond investor is the amount of upcoming maturities, as it can be important as we think about both defaults and the supply of new bonds.  Below are the amount of upcoming …

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Visit Peritus at the Inside ETF Conference

Ron Heller, CEO of Peritus Asset Management, will be at the Inside ETF conference in Hollywood, FL this week.  He’ll be available at the AdvisorShares booth #702 to discuss our portfolio, strategy, and outlook for the high yield market.

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The Year of Active Management

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch US High Yield Index currently carries a weighted average yield to worst of 5.9%, a yield to maturity of 6.3%, a spread to worst of 423 bps, an average coupon of 6.5%, and average …

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The High Yield Bond Market: 2016 Review, 2017 Outlook

We entered 2016 coming off a tough year for the high yield market.  The free fall in energy and other commodity prices over the course of 2015 not only caused a collapse in bonds in the energy and commodity sectors, …

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Is There a Place in Portfolios for Fixed Income?

The widely held assumption as we enter 2017 is that this will be the year we see the Fed take real action.  While we aren’t convinced that longer term (5 and 10yr) Treasury rates move much further from where we …

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