High Yield Morning Update

High yield bonds were better yesterday and today is opening slightly better too.  Three new issues priced yesterday for $1.55B in proceeds with three more on the docket for today.  The default risk in high yield bonds still remains low, as Moody’s reported a Q2 default rate of 3.8% versus 4.7% for Q1.  It appears that corporate America’s CEO’s haven’t gone stupid by making expensive acquisitions or adding a bunch of capacity anticipating growth as they understand it is not there.  The Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Index’s yield-to-worst hit a three year low yesterday, now at 5.36%, though we certainly are able to find better yielding opportunities as an active manager.

Bloomberg Barclays US High Yield Index covers the universe of fixed rate, non-investment grade debt.  Index data sourced from Bloomberg.
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